The golf d'Albret

A piece of Unique between the Landes and the Gascogne


Each glance at the panorama is unique and majestic on its own. Centenary oaks on the practice, willow on the edge of ponds, exceptional panoramic view from the rooftops of the Bastides, wild hills on the other side of the valley, variety of Lande trees (acacias, pines etc.) creating a peaceful show where surprising extras like deer and hare are living.

A starting view on the village of Lausseignan, its bell tower emerging from the trees. Only a few facades of lime and roofs “lies de vin” animate the greenery. The golf course also becomes a stroll along the Gascon vineyard or on verdant greens nestled in the bottom of oaks with refreshing shades.

The sandy and draining soil offers the advantage of being able to play throughout the year, allowing each player to practice his favorite sport, guaranteeing training, performance whenever he pleases.