The Forestry Park


Many activities are deployed in an idyllic setting at the park of CAP CAUDEROUE, located in the municipality of Barbaste.

  • Equestrian walks for parents and children (>3 years old)
  • An acrobatic tree-climbing course. Getting into the trees and passing from platform to platform by means of a hundred games along a course.
  • Paintball, a sport or leisure activity. Between two teams whose players are equipped with protective masks and air launchers that propels paintballs.
  • The canoe, in the swirls of the Gélise, is practiced in comfortable and secure boats, autonomous or framed.
  • Orientation race in the surrounding woods, hiking, running or mountain biking, with distances adapted to your resistance
  • Instructors supervise archery, a deep concentration sport in the open air.
  • Beautiful walks in freedom, mountain biking, biking, walking

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